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Transform Your Life

With the most trusted name in Network Marketing.

Juuva is more than just an opportunity; it’s a chance to transform your life. Financial freedom and good health are within reach—join us today to start creating the life of your dreams!

The Juuva 


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The Juuva Lifestyle


What is Juuva? Simply put, Juuva is a synergistic blend of extraordinarily beneficial products and an unmatched opportunity for creating a lifelong successful business. We believe in transforming lives. Is yours next?

A Culture Of Transformation

Your Chance To Catch Lightning in a Bottle

Proven Training


The Values that Define Us

Distributors & Customers Come First

We put our Distributors and Customers first. We value each and every Distributor as a business entrepreneur, not just as a product seller. We make ourselves personally accessible to Distributors in the office and by phone for their success.

Highest Levels of Customer Service

We believe in the highest levels of customer service. If there is any problem, “we will make it right.”

Generous Income

We believe compensation should be generous, with a bias toward both early income and wealth creation. Every bonus in the Prosperity Plan is designed to be unlimited, as well as the plan overall.


We believe in fairness. We foster a level playing field where all can succeed. We avoid preferential treatment to any one Distributor or Distributor group. “We will not do for one what we cannot do for all.”

No Buying of Distributors

We do not “buy” Distributors, believing such practice to be unfair and economically unsound.

Honor Obligations

We honor our obligations, believing such is a measure of integrity, even if it is to our economic disadvantage. We believe our integrity sets us apart in our industry.

World Class products

We seek out world class products that will: Deliver the best technology available, Perform to the highest standards, Permit a legitimate retail sales opportunity, Where possible, permit demonstration of 100% of the product value BEFORE asking for the sale.


We value loyalty and reflect it in our long-term relationships.

Community of mutual respect

We attempt to foster a community of mutual respect, support, maturity, and positive motivation. We believe that most field problems can be resolved by up line leadership who demonstrate and teach maturity.

enthusiasm not hype

We believe in enthusiasm, but not hype.

Helping Others

We define leadership to mean helping others make money – not public speaking ability or size of organization.

Distributor Training System

We believe a Distributor “system” for self-improvement is critical to long-term success of the individual Distributor and the company. We believe there should be only one approved system in the company and that it should be Distributor run for the benefit of all Distributors, without being a profit source for any one Distributor of Distributor group. In Juuva, that system is Summit Success.

transform lives

We take seriously our tagline “Transform Your Life” as a corporate mandate and an invitation to all participants.

Top Tier Leaders

We seek out top tier leaders in each country who will attract others who will follow them in Juuva.


We administer all policies without regard to color, creed, gender, or nationality.

Juuva – The Most Trusted Name In Network Marketing